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  1. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of the film made of the 1976 Tour of Mull?
    I saw it at motor clubs back in the 70s and 80s. Could it be uploaded to youtube?

    • Hi Peter
      I’m not aware of any ex employees as Competitors but there are certainly a few helping to organise things…please join us on the day

    • Hi Charlie
      I will send you the latest draft of the entry list directly to your email…..Thank you for your entry..I look forward to meeting you on the day

  2. Well said Allan, I only knew Morty for a much shorter time than you but will never forget the good times we had on Mull ‘assisting’ team Protec in running the wee Red Corsa. Morty would run into service with his Wigan charm and demand where were the beefy McCoy crisps and were there any pies!! He was a great man who will be sadly missed, the only one thing if it is any consolation is that he passed in a place he loved doing the ‘Best rally in the World!’ You will be missed by many Morty, RIP

    • No need to bring any maps Michael…..You will be presented with a tulip style road book at the start and a map in a sealed envelope should you feel it’s needed….
      I will send you the latest entry list direct to your email address by return

  3. Would someone be willing to do a write up / report of the run for the next issue of ‘Spotlight’. Could do with getting the report by Wednesday the 28th of October. email to sd34news@gmail.com. Could also do with a few photos please
    Maurice Ellison

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  7. What a great day, amazing roads and scenery on such a well run event. Was good to see so many people out having a lovely day and remembering Andy, was great to see Andy’s Son and Daughter at the start, rest halt and finish. On a personal note me and Tony (Ginger & Algie) car 16 White Skoda had a great day and recalled many laughs and stories we had of Morty on our run around. Sign me up for next year hopefully in a soft top so we can have a better shot at the marshals (Sorry I meant the ducks). Thanks again to all the organisers and marshals was a great day out. Roll on 2017 and To Mortys family he may be gone but he will not be forgotten by us he was a top man and dad.
    RIP Fatty.

    • Hi Ian – YES is the short answer. We are working on routes, start & finish venues and the lunch stop currently. As soon as plans have firmed a bit, we will provide details here and on the Facebook page

  8. Entry form posted, paid by BACS. Looking forward to another excellent event.
    Do you have a current entry list available?

  9. Driver looking for a navigator, happy to split entry fee 50/50 (so £25 each). Car is my standard road BMW 3 series auto. Great day out on some great roads. Please get in touch if you’re interested. Martin. 07943-057919.

  10. As a previous entrant we require an entry on the 2019 event. Andy Stanworth and Alan Ridehalgh Mini Cooper S.
    Please forward regs as soon as they are available.

  11. Can’t remember what I said when I put my entry in…

    I started rallying in 1967, as a member of Rugby Motor Club, reading the maps, mostly in Minis, then Escorts plus other things. We did Motoring News events; I think the best I ever got was 9th, on the Red Dragon in a Gp1 Mexico in, I think 1974. I also did the RAC twice in the early 70s, once in a Triumph 2000 (hit a tree) and once in a Gp1 Avenger with Fred King from Bradford. Then I went overseas for a number of years.

    I took up road rally navigation in historics on my return in the mid 90s, having fun in all sorts of cars until the mid 2000s, when my insides refused to co-operate any longer. So then I rebuilt an Elva Courier barn-find, and took up sprinting. That was followed by a very fast Elan and now I have this MX5. I’m presently leading the 1.8 litre roadgoing class in the Javelin Trackdays sprint series in the car I’m using for the tour. In 2017 and 2018, I won the 1.8 litre class in this car in the Japanese sprint series and was fastest non-turbo MX5. But it is not a fire-breathing monster, just a good multi-purpose car.

    My navigator and partner, Olga, is NOT a Russian! She’s a British-born Ukrainian who has done the Lancs Auto Club coast to coast a couple of times and enjoyed it. So we’ll potter round and enjoy the scenery and of course the company.

  12. Hi, I’ve looked at the Tulip road book instructions and wonder whether these will apply to me as I’ve asked for tour by mapreferences on 99,103 & 104. Presumably we’ll be given a roadbook relative to these. If not I’m quite happy to use tulips. My nav is perhaps better suited to using the maps. depending on the weather I may change car to my E type – if so how soon do I have to let you know. John Cook

    • If we have a crew down for using map references as their preferred method, then the road book will not be tulips. If you want to change not a problem, please just let us know soon. The Road Book instructions do not apply to you and in particular using maps means you won’t have issues if there are any unexpected diversions, which was the reason for drawing crews attention to the guide in the Road Book.

      Car choice and change is not a problem. It is possible to turn up on the day and notify us of a car change, but the earlier we know the better so the printed entry list for the marshals can be as current as feasible.

  13. As always had a fantastic day and loved catching up with ‘old’ friends. Thanks to the whole team for putting on such a fantastic event. Organisation as always spot on. Counting down already for next year. Thank You!

  14. Was a fantastic day out, excellent organisation on some fabulous roads. Was a real blast in the old MK2, now off the road till next year … but thanks again to Stuart and all the marshalls for making this happen, and of course not forgetting Maurice for his contribution with the diversion signs …

  15. Many thanks to all involved, an excellent day out. I was navigating for the wife no arguments etc etc .. She struggled a bit with me reading the notes in number format though. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think the organisers should let Allan & Ethel Durham have a day off next year to compete – I will miss my toffees but they have marshalled every AMT.
    Good to have a laugh about the poor souls who used the example tulip diagram on page one in the road book and found themselves at Hellifield instead of half way up Sawley Brow.

  16. Hi.

    Can you please send me the entry form or link to the Andy Mort Tour as soon as they become available.
    Myself and Simon Rothschild would like to put an entry in again.

    Alan Shaw

  17. Hi,
    Don’t want to miss out on this. Can you please let me know when regs and entry form are available.
    Simon Boardman

  18. Hi and well done for putting on the tour, we will definitely be coming four our fourth year and in our fourth different car! this year MG ZR.
    Thanks again.
    Phil Howarth & Geoff Maine

  19. John Cook. How soon can I sign up and pay my £50 to ensure I get a place.
    This is great news for us starved car maniacs.

  20. Can’t wait to get the old Covid-compliant 911 dusted off. Well done 2300 for managing to keep the event going.

  21. Sorry to hear that it will not run this year as we were looking forward to the event. We will hopefully be there 2021.

  22. Oh no, what a shame, looking like there’s no form of motorsport for the clubmen. Funny how anything that makes a revenue like F1 and football is ok, even going to the pub or restaurant, but not for us mere motoring enthusiasts. look forward to 2021.
    Best wishes.

  23. What a “Blast from the Past”! Just been watching Susan Calman’s programme featuring Mull and Staffa. I worked at Mullard Blackburn from1968 to 1978 and was a member of the 2300 club and knew Brian Molyneux. Never got to Mull though, but wish I had.

  24. I have just read through your article about Trevor, I can fill in earlier gaps, I worked with Trevor when he and I were “juniors” at Hattons in Burnley, he was one of my oldest and greatest friends, we have been firm friends for over 70 years, he never changed was always the kindest loveliest person you could ever wish to meet in life and I will miss him forever

  25. Typo error 60 years not 70 and we worked at Hattons in Burnley who were at that time the Main Dealers for Austin Cars – another brand down the spout

  26. I started work at Primrose Garage, Clitheroe in 1979 in the sales department, straight from school at 16yrs old. Trevor was my boss, what a mentor he was to me, taught me so much, not just about cars, but real life skills. I was lucky to work for him. Thank you Trevor.
    Charles Price.