Originators of UK closed road motorsport

John Easson Award

2300 Club Presents: The John Easson Award 

As the 2020 rally season was all but cancelled due to Covid, Ewan Tindall will continue to promote the JEA through 2021 as rallies begin to take place again. We “hope” to be able to open up applications for a new recipient of the award once we have a clearer picture of rallying returning to pre Covid levels – hopefully for the 2022 season. 


Previous JEA winners:

2004: George Collister, Isle of Man
2005: Stevie Brown, Scotland
2006: Ryan Borthwick, Scotland
2007: Alick Kerr, Scotland
2008: Philip Scholes, England
2009: Mark McCulloch, Scotland
2010: Sara Williams, Wales
2011: Osian Pryce, Wales
2012: Matt Griffin, England
2013: Chris Ingram, England
2014: Aaron McClure, England
2015: Matthew Jackson, England
2016: Sam Bilham, England
2017: Tommi Meadows, England
2018: George Lepley, England
2019: Ewan Tindall, England
2022: ?.. It could be you !

For further information: Email: alland@2300club.org