Originators of UK closed road motorsport

1999 – Murmur Chapter 4


– published on the island, during the event by Jaggy Bunnet

Leaderboard after 4 of 22 Special Stages:


Chris Griffiths/Aled Davies

Subaru Impreza



James MacGillivray/Brian Kennedy




Dougi Hall/Gareth Williams

Ford Escort



John Price/Caroline Broad

MG Metro 6R4



Callum Guy/Fred Bell

Vauxhall Astra



John Cope/Tony Cope

Ford Escort Cosworth



Daniel Harper/Les Reger

Vauxhall Astra



William Bonniwell/Ali Campbell

Ford Escort



John Cressey/Ian Grindrod

Vauxhall Astra



Rob Barry/Alan Whittaker




Steve Smith/Alistair Douglas

Subaru Impreza



Doug Weir/Duncan Brown

Nova 1600


It would appear that both Callum Duffy and Eddie O’Donnell are out of this year’s Philips Tour of Mull Rally. Both cars are off the road in Gribun and since they have not yet appeared at Craignure service, methinks they are now out of time … George Hill was reported off in Aros and this has been confirmed by the man himself. The accident looked much worse than it was with the light pod and lights scattered over the road, but everyone appears to be OK.

Elsewhere in the Entry List it has been an eventful night so far, Jock Threadgall broke a shock absorber in his Sierra on the Hill Road and George MacDonald’s Nova broke a spring, and he hasn’t got a spare.

Lyndon Barton was spotted parked up by the side of the road in the Metro and it looks like he’s going no further … Doug Weir lost the Nova’s exhaust on the Hill Road but has managed to borrow a tail pipe for a one litre car for his 1600 car … Rick Fry’s Sapphire encountered a broken down Nova at a tight hairpin and the two cars came together as he tried to squeeze past, but it’s the co-driver’s side which shows the scars – aint’t it always!? … Graham D’Arcy broke a ball joint in the Astra and the service crew were attacking the bits with huge hammers! … Alasdair Ingram has a clutch problem, he can get gears in the Mini at rest, but not on the move … Jimmy Fergusson slid off the road just beyond a crest when the main battery lead broke and he lost all his lights … Mark Jasper is in the wars, driveshaft broke and punctured a tyre, drove 4 miles on flat, changed it between stages and got penalties, but still going … Willie Bonniwell’s roll bar bushes have disintegrated in the Escort and now the doors don’t shut right following a hard landing be he’s still laughing … Steve Davies lost a dose of time with a broken steering coupling … Stuart McQueen broke a spark plug and did last two stages on 3 cylinders … Grant Fleming stuck in 3rd gear after SS2 and had to do next two stages in 3rd only … Andy Tearle’s Chevette blew its water out but re-filled from co-driver’s drinks bottle and seems to be OK – fingers crossed.

And finally, Chris Paton pulled a muscle in his back yesterday and is wearing one of his wife’s corsets for support. It seems to be working but wife Mary says there is just one thing (or two things) wrong, he doesn’t have the t*ts to fill it. Go on work it out for yourself.

That's yer lot meantime,

Yer auld pal, Jaggy Bunnet
Craignure, Friday/Saturday, 1:30 am.

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