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Cal-Mac Ferry Booking Forms 2007

This year, despite extensive lobbying by the 2300 Club, Caledonian MacBrayne have decided not to make any concessionary fares available and so the 2300 Club will NOT be issuing Ferry Booking Forms. They have promised to support the event in ways other than providing discounted ferry fares. It is recommended that you go ahead and secure a ferry booking via their website at http://www.calmac.co.uk/book-online.html or by telephone (08705 650000). Commercial vehicles (see below) should book with the Oban office (01631 566688).

Please bear the following in mind when making your booking:

  • The loss of discounts is most significant for vans and trailers where the van is more than 5m long. These are now classed as commercial.
  • There is a big difference between the ‘brochure’ price and the commercial rate.
  • The determining factor is the tow vehicle. If this is a van and more than 5m long then the van and trailer are charged at the commercial rate.
  • If the tow vehicle is a car or 4×4 or van shorter than 5m then the vehicle and trailer are charged at the ‘brochure’ price. The only exception to this is if the trailer is more than 8m long.
  • There have been reports of crews swapping their tow vehicle at the port to reduce the cost of their crossing!

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