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Feedback from Visitors on 2007 Event

Below is feedback from Spectators, Marshals & Competitors on the 2007 Tunnocks's Tour of Mull. Nothing has been edited, it's as we received it…

Hi, on the maps page the colours for the different stages, ie, red, purple, blue, in the grid box under each map, do not print out. I only get a blank box, everything else is ok tho, just wondered if you could sort it by next year then i don`t have to get the crayons out again.  ( we aren`t allowed pencils or anything sharp in here ) LOL
     Regards, Trukkertone

I would like to say that the coverage on the site and especially on Oban FM is excellent.   I live down in Jim Clark Rally Area at Duns, and have so enjoyed being kept up to date.   The results are given so promptly, I could not have known any more if I had been on the island.   The only thing I miss is the excitement that I would have of the atmosphere, although the interviews and coverage of the start of the rally made one feel as though I were there in person.   Well done!!!
Ann Blair

Keep up the good work chaps, with you in spirit watching the results and murmurs!

Jeff Chambers

Just to say, a fantastic website, keeping us up to date with whats going on during the event.
May be a good idea to put  some maps of the stages on the site?.
Thanks again.
Stuart Mclean

I've just returned from a great weekend on Mull (Car 136 with Dave Holland). As always Mull threw up it's usual challenges with a few testing weather changes throughout but despite a couple of minor car issues on the final night which slowed our progress, the whole team (Team Holland) would like to thank you and all the members who take on this massive challenge every year!
We are determined to take the challenge again for our third time and hope that our team ethos, best prepared car and commitment to the event and other teams and drivers hold us in good stead for the 2008 challenge.
Once again thank you and see you next year!
p.s. I hope you don't mind but I would like to make a minor suggestion, the finisher's awards are great and a really nice keep sake, personally I think that if it was possible it would be a really nice idea that if you finish the rally successfully, when you come into Tobermory to hand in the cards etc, is it not possible to arrange to drive on to the car park, up the ramp (with finish over the top on the stand), have a picture and drive off? I feel that would give a really good "closure" of the event for both driver and navigator. Just a thought and I hope you are open to minor suggestions.
Neil Gater & David Holland (Car 136, Ford Escort RS – Best prepared 2007) 😉

Hi Guys

Many thanks for a cracking results service and another great Tour Of Mull.

Cheers Steve Davies

Good Morning Gentlemen,
I hope that (at least by the time you get this) that you are safely home and beginning to recover from the effects of another long weekend on Mull.
Just wanted to say thanks to you and the committee for another great event. Despite the rain on Saturday, we all had an enjoyable time on the island and are now trying to sort out our accommodation for next year.
Also wanted to say thanks for your willingness to let us get back to our digs on the on the Saturday night/ Sunday morning. This was very much appreciated by those of us staying there (although not by the Doctor, rescue and radio units at the midpoint who suddenly had a bunch of unruly (aka drunk) spectators to deal with!)
Thanks once again and I hope to see you next year.
Kind regards, Craig Webster

Hi Clive
    Just a quick note to thank you, Alan and all the team for another superb Tour of Mull, as usual the organisation was second to none and the event lived up to it's name of "The Best Rally in the World"
   Our event was very disappointing after months of preparation, we were second fastest Class A over the lochs, had an off on SS2 and then the bottom arm snapped on Ardtun throwing us into retirement in the bushes. Although it was brief, Chris jnr showed he is now on the pace of the class frontrunners by holding Matt Tarbutt to 3 seconds and taking 8 seconds off Ewan, the eventual winner. The planning for next year starts now with the Swift being re-shelled over the winter and then the finger crossing starts in the hope that we get an entry next August.
   One comment I would like to make for your debrief sessions is the standard of driving by the management car crews, this year we found certain crews seemed to think they were in the main rally, to the point where, as I am sure you may have heard by now one of our ES crews was driven off the road and left in a ditch by an ES crew from one of the frontrunners. Not only that he didn't stop and left a woman and young lad stranded and they had to wait to be towed out by a passing local.
   I haven't got an answer of how you control this, but the above incident did sour a fantastic weekend for those involved, to the point where the lady driver refused to take the management car out for the 3rd leg.
   Once again thanks for a wonderful (if short in our case!!!) event and we will be back next year hoping for better luck.
   Best Regards, Chris Pedley (Car 96, Suzuki Swift. www.pedleyrallying.com)

How do I submit photographs for inclusion in the calendar ?
(EDITORS NOTE: Please send photos to pk@2300club.org)

Hi, a cracking rally this year, well organised as allways.
I have some great pics this year. Do you want use them on your site? I am planning to put them on the net somewhere and your site would be most relevant.
(EDITORS NOTE: If you are logged into the site, you can just upload photos to the UPLOAD ALBUM. Please make sure that you add a caption and then set the drop down box to "Set Album Title from Caption")

Just to say I am a long term T-O-M addict and currently unable to attend as Im living and working in New Zealand. Other than the friends I have who update me at regular intervals of the weekends progress, the website murmurs are a great and immediate way to keep up with the official news. More photos please.
Well done and wish I was there!
Nic Ashby

Great to be able to follow the rally from Down Under, and the “Murmurs” are excellent…amusing and informative. Nearly as good as being there. Looking out for some good clips on You Tube now!
Thanks from the Bennett family, Tauranga, New Zealand.

Wanted to write to you thank you for an entry this year, I do appreciate that you have a lot of folk trying to get a run each year, and that you do have to deal with folk getting upset when they don't get an entry. Well thought it was important the you also heard from the folk that did get a run, thank you, we had an excellent weekend, what a marathon, finishing was very satisfying, and rewarding!
All you guys were very professional from the start, keep up the good work. Hope you have a good winter, look forward to the forest rally here in January, and a few other events during the summer, see you next year
Kind regards, James Fairbairns (& Lewis Drysdale, car 151)

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