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Vodafone Required for Competitors


All competitors on the 2004 Tour of Mull Rally will be required to carry a working Vodafone in the car as a condition of entry. We have decided to institute this on safety grounds as Vodafone now has fairly good coverage over the whole rally route for the duration of the event.


You will be asked to provide the telephone number of your Vodafone phone on the entry form.

For competitors that don’t currently have a Vodafone, you can buy a "Pay as you talk" SIM card for an existing mobile phone from Vodafone. At the time of writing these are available for £1.99 by clicking here. If this link doesn’t work, please visit Vodafone’s home page: www.vodafone.co.uk and follow the links to "On-Line Store". The "SIM Card Pack" can be foundfrom the sitemap under "Pay as you talk".

Some phones (notably Orange) are locked to a particular provider and won’t work with this SIM card. It is a simple procedure however to unlock your phone and this can be done by most independent phone service centres for around £10.

As an alternative to this, Vodafone often have special offers on "Pay as you talk" Phones. Currently, they are offering a complete set of Phone, Charger and SIM Card for £30. This is under the special offers section of the Vodafone website.

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