Originators of UK closed road motorsport

1998 – Murmur Chapter 4


– published on the island, during the event by Jaggy Bunnet

Provisional Top Times after 6 out of 19 Special Stages:

Posn Driver/Co-Driver Car Mins:Secs
1 Neil MacKinnon/Mike Stayte Subaru Impreza 51:10
2 Calum Duffy/Hugh Duffy Ford Escort 51:30
3 John Price/Caroline Broad MG Metro 6R4 53:35
4 Chris Griffiths/Aled Davies Subaru Impreza 53:57
5 Steve Davies/Pete Pinnington Ford Escort 54:41
6 John Cressey/Ian Grindrod Opel Manta 55:09
7 Daniel Harper/Les Reger Vauxhall Astra 55:13
8 Billy Bird/Plug Pulleyn Vauxhall Astra RWD 55:45
9 Eddie O'Donnell/Eddie O'Donnell Ford Escort 56:11
10 Rob Barry/Allan Whittaker Mitsubishi Lancer 56:54

It's still awfy wet out there and most of the front runners are on full wets, although Callum Duffy was running intermediates on the front and wets on the rear. Unfortunately, he appears to have picked up a 10 second penalty, but this will be queried as one or two others have also incurred unexpected time faults … Neil MacKinnon still leads, but had to avoid a deer at Torloisk, which failed to use a zebra crossing … John Price moved into 3rd place when Chris Griffths slid sideways into a ditch on SS4, had it not been for 4WD he would have stayed there … Daniel Harper has passed 5 cars in 6 stages – that's more overtaking than a F1 race … Steve Davies skelped the Penmore bridge, but got away with it … Mark Hudson is losing oil and has a broken rear turret … Stuart McQueen got a Maximum on SS4 when a tyre punctured and was forced to stop and change it … Richard Egger retired SS1 when his borrowed engine over-fueled itself and refused to run … Linda Allen is feeling quite honoured, her co-driver, Stephen Robson was co-driving for Jim McRae Esq last weekend – so how come he got a road penalty on the first loop, nice one Linda, don't let him forget that one … And here's an appeal from Willie (the Pink) Paterson in car 93, he urgently needs an exhaust manifold and exhaust system for a Pinto, can anyone out there help, pretty please?? … And finally, if you were a caring husband celebrating your 28th wedding anniversary and wanted to take your wife out for a nice drive in the country and a nice meal amongst friends, what would you do? Ronnie Thom of 'Wheels Around' the tyre truck is a caring and considerate husband – he's only gone and brought the Missus with him and treated her to a nice nosh in the Ceilidh Place during the Service Halt! Congratulations to Ronnie and Daisy, from all of us.

That's yer lot meantime,
Yer auld pal, Jaggy Bunnet,
Craignure, Saturday, 2:00 am.

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