Originators of UK closed road motorsport

1998 – Murmur Chapter 5


– published on the island, during the event by Jaggy Bunnet

Provisional Top Times after 8 out of 19 Special Stages:

Posn Driver/Co-Driver Car Mins:Secs
1 Neil MacKinnon/Mike Stayte Subaru Impreza 62:38
2 Calum Duffy/Hugh Duffy Ford Escort 63.02
3 Chris Griffiths/Aled Davies Subaru Impreza 66.02
4 John Price/Caroline Broad MG Metro 6R4 66.06
5 Steve Davies/Pete Pinnington Ford Escort 67.32
6 John Cressey/Ian Grindrod Opel Manta 67.38
7 Daniel Harper/Les Reger Vauxhall Astra 67.52
8 Billy Bird/Plug Pulleyn Vauxhall Astra RWD 68.07
9 Eddie O'Donnell/Eddie O'Donnell Ford Escort 68.47
10 Bill Bonniwell/Tom Smith Ford Escort 69.42

On a night when it wasn't even safe to take your goldfish for a walk, the rally crews were out there. Wet? The rain was horizontal over on the west side, but it didn't slow down those two at the front … MacKinnon took 10 seconds out of Duffy on Loch Scridain but Duffy took 6 out of the ol'man on the last one at Gribun, to leave the overnight gap at 24 seconds … John Price punctured on the last stage of the night and drove out on the rim but thinks he may have incurred some suspension damage … that means Chris Griffiths has moved back into 3rd place … Steve Davies' earlier problems with water loss and oil leaks seem to be OK and he was putting pedal t'metal over closing stages to move into 5th just ahead of the irrepressible John Cressey … And isn't Daniel Harper going well? The Astra obviously handles a lot better than the Mini, but according to Daniel, "every time it hits standing water, it still wants to chuck itself off the road" – and there was a lot of that last night … Mark Hudson broke a shock absorber on the last one, but is otherwise OK … Leading 1600 driver is '92 Philips Tour winner, Mark Wagstaff but he's only 9 seconds clear of the fast closing James MacGillivray, but there's doubts about Jock the Bull making the re-start to-day, the Corsa's engine developed a rattle over Gribun … Top 1300 is Paul Darlington in the Micra in 43rd place and he's nearly 3 minutes clear of Jim Brindle in the Mini … Martin Healer's going no further though, his gearbox broke … Jim McDowall bowfed a rock on the final stage last night and knocked the chassis leg back so he's currently breaking sweat (which is quite unlike him) to get ready for this afternoon … And here's an appeal from Willie (the Pink) Paterson in car 93, he urgently needs an exhaust manifold and exhaust system for a Pinto, can anyone out there help? … And Gordon Boyd looks awfy pleased with himself. The 4WD Escort Cossie driver is out in a Nova. First time in front wheel drive, "This is some place to learn!" … And finally, Ian Curwen in car 121 complained of a loose gear lever last night, but according to the service crew, it's only loose in neutral! Methinks that's a gentle dig at the driver, what do you think? … And what about the Marshals, they were true heroes last night too, gaun yersels lads and lassies.

That's yer lot meantime,
Yer auld pal, Jaggy Bunnet,
Tobermory, Saturday, High Noon.

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