Originators of UK closed road motorsport

2005 – Murmur Chapter 2

Well, let’s start with the good news. Colin Johnstone and Gilda got married at Tobermory Registry Office this morning. Apparently it was a snap decision and allegedly, Colin was (relatively) sober at the time. Now they will go on honeymoon, servicing for Jim McDowall (92) – so who’s idea was that? Congratulations to you both, from all of us on Mull, and if you see two pairs of legs sticking out from under a rally car this evening – stay well clear!

But back to the real business and just to keep me on my toes, the Scrutinators aren’t stopping for lunch, they’re working in shifts the rascals! Next through was young Iain Ogg MacKenzie who has converted his MkII to run leaf springs as he kept bending the coilovers last year on the bump s. Dave Hopwood turned up again in his awfy smart salmon pink MkII, back to its pristine condition after a clatter on its flanks on the rocks last year. And when you’re out and about to-night, have a giggle at Neil Morgan’s car 35. Across the top of the windscreen is the legend “244 horses and 2 donkeys” – work it out for yourselves. Dave Taylor also has a nice reg number ‘T99 MUL’.

Getting a right slagging from his service crew is Alex Taylor. On Monday he bought a rolled Subaru Forester to convert into a service barge/recce car but the lads are going round telling everyone he rolled it himself on the recce for Mull! The more Alex denies, the more everybody believes the service crew! Last year’s runner -up James MacGillivray got his Subaru back last week after getting bigger brakes fitted to it, but I reckon it also sounds deeper and more fruity!
I overheard John Donaldson, who services for John Marshall, explaining to a scribe what a turbo was: “It sucks, squeezes, bangs and blows, but if it sucks, squeeze s, blows and bangs, it’s on anti-lag – or it’s got a bad misfire!” so now you know. Who says these bulletins aren’t educational?

Working on the basis is you can’t beat them, join them, Mark Durham has left the 212 bhp Corsa at home and turned up here in a Mitsubishi EVO5. When asked what the bigger car is like up here, back came the one word answer: “Frightening!” Curly Haigh’s got a ‘new’ motor. He has re-shelled the MkI and had a run out on the Pendragon Stages recently before bringing it over here – and then nearly went off on the last corner of the last stage – getting too cocky, eh? Mike Storrar has been hard at work on the Anglia, but nothing wimpish like paint and polish, no, he’s put new pistons in the Toyota 1600 lump to try and get better compression.

Speaking of minted motors, Alan Gardiner’s has finally finished his MkII after 18 months and has put the John Reid engine out of his old car into the new one, but he hasn’t driven it in anger yet. Dave Thwaites MkII just made it through the Tobermory Distillery arch and no more, it’s so wide. He’s got an extra wide English axle on the rear and the front track has been widened by three inches by fabricating new bottom arms and steering links. This is a proper tarmac car.

Chris Woodcock was on the Isle of Man earlier this year and popped into Tesco’s where he met George Collister’s (he won the John Easson scholarship last year) Mum. Apparently George hasn’t stopped talking about Mull since he went home: “It’s like Druidale on steroids!” Andy Tearle hasn’t been here since 99 with the Chevette but since it’s not ready yet, he’s got a wee 1360cc Peugeot. Cameron McLean has got a ‘Dunsmore Special’, a MkII built by (and not quite finished by!) Ronald Dunsmore who had a repair job to do in it after the Mull Gravel Sprint – when Cameron rolled it!

And here’s a note worth keeping in mind. ‘Posh Nosh’ behind the Post Office in Tobermory Main Street will be open in the early hours of Sunday morning for bacon butties.

That’s yer lot for now, Yer aul pal, Jaggy Bunnet,
Tobermory Distillery, 12 Noon, Friday

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