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2009 – Murmur Chapter 4

MullMurmurs – Chapter 4

Provisional Leaderboard after SS5  (of 17)

1 MacKinnon/MacGillivray        37 Mins 40 Secs
2 Hall/Hall                38m 44s
3 MacGillivray/Fraser            38m 49s
4 Cope/Fagg                38m 19s
5 Pye/Falconer            38m 19s
6 Duffy/Duffy                39m 22s
7 Harper/Campbell            39m 23s
8 Bonniwell/Ewing             39m 30s
9 Pattison/Whittaker            39m 34s
10 Sisson/Stone            39m 42s
(Note: These positions may change as more Time Cards come in)

The big news is that the boys are OK. Neil MacKinnon and Mike Stayte went off near the start of Stage 4 in Glen Aros. The Subaru suffered a heavy impact to the rear end and the boys were shaken and well stirred. The rescue services were called in as a precaution and the crew were taken to the hospital where they will be detained over night for observation, although they both walked into hospital at Salen unaided.

Meanwhile, the rally was delayed for an hour because of the incident but it’s now back on with vengeance. After his front puncture on the Lochs, Callum Duffy is back up to sixth place already having dropped back to 24th, but Paul MacKinnon and Ewan MacGillivray still lead: “Just steady away”, said Paul.

It was wet over the Lochs but it’s drying a bit and there’s more grip out there now. Dougi Hall is second but says: “I’m just not going quick enough, we’ll see what happens next.”

Willie Bonniwell is having a bit of trouble. He’s having to keep the Subaru running because the starter motor has failed, while Tony Bardy says he’s getting too old, and going quickly – backwards! Daniel Harper says there was standing water in Calgary but the front runners are dissipating (good word that) it and it’s drying out for the later runners. Dave Pattison lost time when a fuel pump failed and it took him a few minutes to suss out the problem and switch over to the spare. Tristan Pye is slowly getting to grips with the new shape Impreza. “It’s faster in a straight line and it’s deceptively quick on corners, I’m just trying to find its limits.”

Paul Kirtley was in bad trouble: “A turbo pipe blew off in SS3 and I lost power, but there’s something wrong with the suspension at the rear. When it lands after crests, it’s diving to the right or the left. It’s been a lively night so far!” Dave Hopwood says the standing water has gone – and been replaced by mud dragged on to the road by the front runners cutting corners. Denis Biggerstaff lost a chunk of time in SS5 when he clipped a rock and punctured a front tyre just 3 miles in so he had to stop and change it. Eddie O’Donnell has a slipping clutch but no time to change it at Craignure so he’s going to have to try and get through the next two stages and change it overnight.

John Swinscoe has bruised ears. He got a right telling off from the wife – for going too slow! Andy Knight has brake problems. Inconsistent. When the brake pedal goes long it shifts all the bias to the rear and the car is oversteering everywhere, but he never knows when it’s going to do it. Stuart McQueen spun on the Lochs but got away with it, reversing into a soft banking.  Reay MacKay’s exhaust is getting noisy on the Metro – all these high revs are blowing the insides out of it! Stevie Brown broke a driveshaft in that last one but limped out OK. John Rintoul is losing power and doesn’t know why. Guy Woodcock had an electrical fire when the wiper fuse blew but is still going. Billy McClelland’s windscreen misted up in the Lochs and had a slight off when he couldn’t see and then had a big moment in Glen Aros. Cameron Maclean is worried about a noisy back axle and has brake problems and Jimmy Christie says: “It’s only slippy in places – but there’s LOTS of places!” And Dave Thomas is out in the Mini. It developed a serious misfire after he was playing to the crowds in Tobermory!

PLEA FOR HELP: Can anyone help out Car 53, Paul Daniel with a Peltor intercom or Peltor helmet (small) – he’s desperate!

That’s yer lot for now,
Yer Auld Pal, Jaggy Bunnet – Friday, 10.00 pm, At the Salen Hotel (in the lounge!)

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