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2010 – Murmur Chapter 2

MullMurmurs – Chapter 2

From the Tunnock’s Mull Rally, 2010

Bruce Edwards is back for another crack at Mull but when he bought his original lightpod for the Darrian and fited it, he couldn’t see over it, so he had to manufacturer his own shaped lightpod with scallops so that he could see between the lights! Stephen Lockhart had to get a new co-driver for the event after a  mishap on the way home from the Merrick. The team stopped off at the Skipnish Ceilidh House in Oban and Kevin found out that on the run down the steps out of the place, he couldn’t take the bottom step flat! He broke his ankle, so Chris Hamill is on the Notes … After clipping a rock on Calgary last year, Andrew Moverley broke a wheel and plunged off the road. The MkII now has a new front end and he’s back for more this year. David Ross is doing his first Mull, and his total tarmac experience of the Lancer consists entirely of the first two stages of the Speyside at Cooper Park i.e. 2 miles! Young Alec Brown had the spanners out, the Saxo’s gear linkage needed a bit of tweaking but otherwise OK, while faither Donald is having his first run out in James MacGillivray’s 2005 Mull winning Subaru … Speaking of youngster’s (not Donald), Gareth White is as good as his word. He spectated last year and went home saying “I must do this”, and he is. He’s brought the C2 over for his first Mull … David Edwards has a new dog box in the Astra and has done a lot of work on the car over the last year. He’s got the weight down to around 800 kgs – that’s the car, not him! Started 145 last year and finished 47th, so the target is to improve on that … Another C2 on the island is Richard Sykes who’s had a dismal season in the BRC with not a point scored despite leading or front running each event. He’s on his fourth engine this year, so fingers crossed for Mull … Steven Ronaldson has resurrected his old Subaru last time used on the Snowman as he was doubtful about the Metro finishing Mull … If there are more youngsters like Josh Davidson around, then the future of our sport is safe. Just turned 16 he’s navigating for Dad Michael in the Proton on his first ever multi-venue event having cut his teeth on road rallies and single venues. Gaun yersel son … It’s the same for Jim McDowall’s boy Jamie, all dead excited about his first Mull. I’ll tell you this, it’s great to see youngsters as keen as this, even if it does make me feel old … Steven O’Donnell is in danger of ruining the family reputation. He turned up at Scrutineering bang on time and passed first time, unlike the Pop and Grandpop O’Donnell twins who eventually turned up at 2.00 pm. Mind you, that’s still way better than the usual rush to get there before it closes! Steven Paterson (who John MacCrone reckons is wild – he can talk!) has a brand new 1400 16v engine in the Corsa in place of the previous 1300 8v and reckons its half as quick again and Stuart Ingham’s self built Peugeot 205 and engine is a credit to the youngster. Other aspiring hashy types take note! Simon Wallis is happy to be here. Tried to get an entry 9 years ago and failed so went in the huff, but bought a Subaru for his 40th birthday this year and here he is … Robert Meynell’s 1380cc 16v Mini Clubman is a wondrous machine, get a look if you can. It revs to 10,000 as well apparently! As for Donald McEwan, he should know better. He last did Mull 28 years ago and the only reason he remembers it is because his daughter was born that year and she’s 28 now! But he’s gone and got himself a Saxo and here he is again in car called lovingly the ‘Drysdale middle aged crisis’ (he drives for Drysdale Freight you see) … and if you think the registration on Beefy Fraser’s Avenger looks faintly familiar, this was the ex-works Paul Burch car which he found in a Welsh field 7 yrs ago, bought for 150 quid,  and lovingly restored – till he wrecked it 2 years ago at Crail and has since rebuilt again.

The whole point about the Tunnock’s Mull Rally is that it’s not just about the motor sport. It’s about the adventure, the social side and the setting. Take Tim Stell for instance, last weekend he and the team were in their rented ‘but’an’ben’ and decided to make a stew complete with dumplings. It took some while before it was done and they sat down to eat it. Or didn’t as it turned out. They had made the dumplings from DAZ washing powder. It would appear that some alcoholic refreshment had been partaken prior to the culinary exercise. In all fairness to the lads they have now claimed to have been responsible for the invention self cleaning underpants! And happy birthday to Stan Quirk’s daughter – Joanne is 21 today, and this is what her Dad said would be a treat – a trip overseas to an exciting destination. Joanne thought Majorca – and she got Mull.

And finally, the rally gets underway tonight so take care out there and please do as the Marshals request. The future of this event is in all our hands now. And remember if you do hear squeals in the night, it’s not necessarily tyres, it could be Haggis mating in the undergrowth, so step warily.

That’s yer lot for now,

Yer auld pal, Jaggy Bunnet, Tobermory Main Street, Friday, Mid afternoon.

( Note: MullMurmurs also available online at: www.mullrally.com  or  www.scotmaps.co.uk )


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