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2300 Club AGM Directors Report 08-09


The Company has enjoyed a successful year in 2008/9. The 39th Tunnocks Tour of Mull Rally, our primary function, is as popular as ever and a source of huge enjoyment to everyone involved. Our relationship with Tunnock’s is a delight. They are a generous, supporting and friendly sponsor. Boyd, in particular, loves Mull and its people and is now also a fan of the Tour of Mull and its organisers. They have agreed to a further flexible term of sponsorship beyond 2009. Thanks are due to Ron for the work he puts in to our dealings with Tunnock’s.

Cal-Mac’s sponsorship was short-lived and they have disappointingly withdrawn support in 2009.

The 2008 Tunnock’s Tour of Mull was supremely well executed by the 2300 Club Committee. It was a polished and successful event.

The MacKinnon name remains on the Mullard Trophy with Neil’s son Paul scoring his first victory after a masterful and mature drive.

The John Easson Memorial Award continues to gain momentum and is a very worthwhile exercise. Allan Durham has kindly taken over its administration and we expect its profile to continue to rise.

On June 19th our friend and Club Scrutineer Jack Neal died. This wonderful character and kind man is missed by everyone involved with our event.

Fred Arthur Blundell, our Club Treasurer, has finally got serious about retiring. He has promised to attend meetings regularly and scrutinise expenditure. We sincerely hope that he does so for a long time to come. Fred had held various offices in 2300 Club and is one of our remaining links with the 1969 event. A highlight of his Club career was his pioneering work in computerising rally results in the 1930’s. We thank Fred for his meticulous work and huge contribution to the 2300 Club and the Tour of Mull.

The organising committee remains the same as 2008 with some minor role changes. We welcomed two new members to the club, Linzi Lancashire who has volunteered to use her accounting skills as Fred’s replacement. Rob Harris joins us to take on Jack’s role of Club Scrutineer. We welcome them and wish them well.

The Tour of Mull was again over subscribed for entries although not to the extent of recent years. We anticipate a big entry for 2009.

The 2008 event made a substantial loss. We are implementing various belt-tightening measures.

The 2009 Tunnock’s Tour of Mull will be our 40th event. We are planning to repeat the magnificent Tobermory stage, last run in 1999. So far the signs are very encouraging.

At this milestone it is timely to remember how blessed we are to have been handed down the Tour of Mull, an event that provides us and many others so much pleasure. Thank you Brian, Taff, Fred and those early pioneers for your foresight and effort.

The Directors again propose that the annual dividend be distributed as 2 drinks (maximum) per member per meeting attended, with sandwiches and chips at the AGM and December meetings.

Neil Molyneux
May 7th 2009

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