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2300 Club’s Appreciation of Simon Bibby

All at 2300 Club are deeply saddened by the news that Simon Bibby passed away on Monday night (10/7/23).
Our most sincere condolences go out to Simon’s family and friends.
Simon volunteered as our Chief Marshal and for many years organised 250 marshals for his beloved Tour of Mull Rally and later the Andy Mort Tour. It was a job he loved!
Simon was not only our Chief Marshal but a kind and gentle friend to us all. He will be sadly missed.
Rest in peace 

Pictured here in 2002    Simon loved his Chief Marshal role and during rally week of the Tour of Mull he would be grinning ear to ear.


Again pictured here with Stuart Pye in 2002     This photo could quite easily have been twenty years later at the Andy Mort Tour.


Pictured here with Time Keeper Ian Smith Tour of Mull
“Susie and I are very sorry to hear of Simons passing. He was a lovely fellow who was  a part of the 2300 Club for many years .All the meetings where he took on the always difficult job of finding enough folk to make sure the Mull Rally ran. Someone I relied upon greatly to make sure we had stage crews ready and able to run the controls and do the timing. He never let us down and we will remember his humour and good company. He will be sorely missed and we offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends”. Ian 


Pictured here with Arlene and John McDermott (Simon’s driver on Mull) 2004 Tour of Mull
Always time for a chat


Pictured here at the start of the 2004 Tour of Mull
A rally car Simon admired greatly


Pictured here with his deputy Mark Wilkinson
Making time for our new sponsor Boyd Tunnock


Pictured here again Tour of Mull 
Chatting with fellow 2300 Club member Mark Goossens


Pictured here in 2019 at the Andy Mort Tour
In his element, so organised!


Andy Mort Tour
On the road in the Mini, you can only bet he was grinning ear to ear.


Simon enjoyed his cars
Many people will remember Simon for his Mini. For others, it will be the Escort RS. both cars he was passionate about.


The 2300 Club is known for its long rich history, especially with closed-road rallying.
It should be said that Simon Bibby made a great contribution to that history, of which he enjoyed every minute.


This year’s AMT is for you Simon!  Let’s Make it the best yet!

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