I’m not getting email from the 2300club server

Increasingly, it seems that 2300club.org is being automatically flagged as SPAM. However, all is not lost. If you would like to continue to receive e-mail from us, you will need to take some action. With some service providers it's as simple as adding "@2300club.org" to a "whitelist" (search your e-mail providers help pages for "whitelist"). For most people, it means going and visiting the SPAM area when logged into their server. Below is the process to fix this if you use BTinternet as your provider, but the same sort of process applies to most other ISP's (Internet Service Providers).

To fix it with BTinternet, proceed as follows:

  1. Login to the btinternet website (www.btinternet.com or bt.my.yahoo.com) – enter your email address and password.
  2. Look at the folders list on the left hand side & click on the SPAM folder
  3.  Click on the tick box to the left of any messages from "2300 Club" and then click the button at the top "Not SPAM" – this will move the mails to your Inbox
  4. This should mean that in future mail from the 2300 Club successfully makes it through to your Inbox, but it may be as well to go and check again in the future to ensure that this is happening

In some rare cases you will need to contact your provider's help desk and ask them to remove the block on all mail coming from the 2300club.org domain

Maximum Number of Users Limit

During times of high load on the system, for example when the entry form is first published each year and sometimes during the event, the load on the server gets too high and to prevent it from failing, we limit the number of users that can be logged into the system at any one time. If you find this error message appear, please be patient, it's not a fault with the system and you should be able to get on if you come back and try again a short time later.

I can’t login even though I’m registered

We have disabled the Registered Users section of this site. All content is no visible whether you are logged in or not, so we've disabled the login screens

Some registered users sometimes have difficulty logging into the website. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. wrong username or password
  2. corrupted cookies

To fix the first problem, if you know your username, then just click on the button on the login panel that says "lost password" and follow the instructions.

If you have forgotten your username, please don't register again! CLICK HERE to go to the list of registered users and use the search box at the start of the list to type in your firstname or surname and you should then be able to find out your username.


For the second problem you will need to delete your cookies. In internet explorer, this is done as follows:

  • From the "tools" menu at the top of the browser window, pick "Internet Options"
  • A panel will open. Click on the "General" tab
  • Click on the button "Delete Cookies" – then click "OK"

This should then allow you to enter your username & password and login as normal.

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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out our data processing practices. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these practices, you should contact info@2300club.org
Registration: When you register with The 2300 Club, we ask for your chosen log-in name, and email address. All other information is voluntary. This information is used to enable you to have a unique log-in facility. We will never share this information with other people or organisations (with the exception of 'Requests', below), but may occasionaly use it to contact you with matters in connection with the 2300 Club and the Tour of Mull Rally.

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If your browser is set up to accept them, our server uses a feature known as a "cookie". Cookies contain bits of information that Web sites transfer to your computer's hard drive for record keeping purposes. Cookies are used

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Where the disclosure is necessary:

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The 2300 Club may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make substantive changes to this policy then an announcement will be made on the home page.

Committee Contact List

Here is a list of the current 2300 Club officials, their names, what they do and how to contact them. These officials will be pleased to answer question about the event. Please do not make calls to home numbers after 9pm


Back row, from left to right: Gordon Hawcroft, Linzi Lancashire, Andy Mort, Cliff Simmons, Stuart Pye, Trevor Wintle, Walter Bateson, Mark Goossens, Roy Honeywell, Ian Grindrod, Trevor Roberts, Pat Bateson, Mark Wilkinson, Kate Grindrod. Graham Marshall, Carla Marshall, Ron Cowan. Front row, Pete Kenyon, Clive Molyneux, Joan Molyneux, Neil Molyneux, Allan Whittaker, Simon Bibby.

Position Name e-mail Phone
President Joan Molyneux
Vice President Fred Blundell fredb@2300club.org 01254 830266 (Home)
M.S.A. Steward David Lucas davidl@2300club.org
Club Stewards. Trevor Roberts trevorr@2300club.org 01200 423689 (Home)
Roy Honeywell royh@2300club.org 01200 422273 (Home)
Rally Chairman Neil Molyneux neilm@2300club.org 01254 826564 (Home)
Clerk of the Course Clive Molyneux clivem@2300club.org 01254 240348 (Home)
Deputy C. of C. Allan Whittaker allanw@2300club.org 0161 724 5176 (Work)
Rally Secretary Pete Kenyon peterk@2300club.org 01282 605080 (Home)
Asst Rally Secretary Stuart Pye stuartp@2300club.org 01254 248903 (Home)
Chief Marshal Simon Bibby simonb@2300club.org 01254 207353 (Home)
Assistant Chief Marshal Mark Wilkinson markw@2300club.org 0161 432 3490 (Home)
Safety Officer Ron Cowan ronc@2300club.org 0141 620 1000 (Home)
Treasurer Linzi Lancashire linzil@2300club.org
Competitor Liason Andy Mort andym@2300club.org 07740 029315 (Mobile)
Incident Manager Ian Grindrod iang@2300club.org 01254 246196 (Home)
Rally Consultant Rod Parkin rodp@2300club.org 0113 226 2422 (Home)
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jack McKellar
Chief Scrutineer Roger Whittaker rogerw@2300club.org 01539 562149 (Home)
Noise test Co-Ordinator Walter Bateson walterb@2300club.org 01282 612613 (Home)
Printing Manager Cliff Simmons cliffs@2300club.org 01254 240455 (Home)
M.S.A. Timekeeper Ian Smith ians@2300club.org 01200 446381 (Home)
Results Chief Graham Marshall grahamm@2300club.org 01773 599522 (Home)
Accountant John Nixon johnn@2300club.org 01200 445425 (Home)
Business Manager Allan Whittaker allanw@2300club.org 0161 724 5176 (Work)
Equipment Manager Tony Driver tonyd@2300club.org 01254 831753 (Home)
Asst. Equipment Manager John Sharples johns@2300club.org
Technical Consultant Trevor Wintle trevorw@2300club.org 01254 230720 (Home)
Programme Editor &
Sponsorship Liason
Dave Bateson davidb@2300club.org 07968 349779 (Mobile)
John Eason Award Manager
& Rally HQ Manager
Allan Durham alland@2300club.org 07771 587047 (Mobile)
Press Officer John Fife johnf@2300club.org 01698 833949 (Home)
Official Photographer Angela Luke (AML) angie@2300club.org 07974 191145 (Mobile)
Course Car Neil Calvert neilc@2300club.org 01282 435963 (Home)
Webmaster Mark Goossens markg@2300club.org 01772 780223 (Home)
Trophies Co-ordinators Pat Bateson & Kath Grindrod patb@2300club.org 01282 612613 (Home)

This website is too wide for my screen

This website is best viewed at a resolution of 1024×768 or greater. If you can’t see the whole site without scrolling the screen from side to side, you probably need to change your settings. All computers sold in the last year or so are capable of displaying this, so here’s our handy guide to how to fettle your computer…

First a quick lesson. Everything on the screen is displayed as a series of tiny dots – called pixels (of red green or blue). The resolution refers to the number of dots across the screen and up the side of the screen. When we refer to 1024×768, this is 1024 dots across the top and 768 dots up the side.

If you screen is already displaying this many dots, you may still be scrolling around the screen when you look at this site because your window isn’t big enough. Start off by maximising the window you are reading this in. This is normally done by clicking the symbol in the top right corner of the window that looks like a square with a ticker bar across the top. If that fixes the problem, then you are done.

Alternatively, it may be that your resolution needs adjusting. On windows systems, this is done quite simply as follows: move the windows around, so that you can see a bit of your desktop (the background you see before you run any programs). Click on the desktop with the right mouse button and select properties from the drop down list. Then pick the "settings" tab from the little control panel that pops up and move the slider bar in the bottom left across to 1024×768. You can experiment with higher resolutions, normally it will only allow you to set things that the computer can support. If you are using a flat panel monitor or a laptop, these have a native resolution, where the pictures looks best. Experiment until you get the best looking results and then click "OK". 

Do I need to Register for the 2300 Club Site?


There is no need to register for the site if you don't want to. If you do register:

  • We will use the type of user you register as, to tailor the information that we present you with when you visit.
  • There is no need to login everytime you visit, just tick the little box when you login for the first time and you will be automatically logged in next time.
  • We may send you e-mails from time to time that we think will contain useful information
  • We will NEVER give your e-mail address to anyone else
  • You can remove yourself from our lists at anytime by sending an e-mail to remove@2300club.org from the e-mail address you registered with.

If you decide not to register:

  • You will still be able to access most of the information on the site
  • We won't trouble you with any e-mails

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We may from time to time send e-mails to the address you register with, providing you with information which we believe may be relevant or useful to you, based on the selections you made when registering.

If at anytime you wish to be removed as a registered user, please send an e-mail to remove@2300club.org and we will do this forthwith.


User Registration Terms & Conditions

By registering for this site you agree to these terms and conditions:

You will not publish or attempt to publish any inappropriate material on the site (this includes pornography, bad language and defamatory comments).

You will become part of the 2300 Club Community and will generally behave as a nice person.

We may from time to time send e-mails to the address you register with, providing you with information which we believe may be relevant or useful to you, based on the selections you made when registering.

If at anytime you wish to be removed as a registered user, please send an e-mail to remove@2300club.org and we will do this forthwith.