Originators of UK closed road motorsport

Committee Contact List

Here is a list of the current 2300 Club officials, their names, what they do and how to contact them. These officials will be pleased to answer question about the event. Please do not make calls to home numbers after 9pm


Back row, from left to right: Gordon Hawcroft, Linzi Lancashire, Andy Mort, Cliff Simmons, Stuart Pye, Trevor Wintle, Walter Bateson, Mark Goossens, Roy Honeywell, Ian Grindrod, Trevor Roberts, Pat Bateson, Mark Wilkinson, Kate Grindrod. Graham Marshall, Carla Marshall, Ron Cowan. Front row, Pete Kenyon, Clive Molyneux, Joan Molyneux, Neil Molyneux, Allan Whittaker, Simon Bibby.

Position Name e-mail Phone
President Joan Molyneux
Vice President Fred Blundell fredb@2300club.org 01254 830266 (Home)
M.S.A. Steward David Lucas davidl@2300club.org
Club Stewards. Trevor Roberts trevorr@2300club.org 01200 423689 (Home)
Roy Honeywell royh@2300club.org 01200 422273 (Home)
Rally Chairman Neil Molyneux neilm@2300club.org 01254 826564 (Home)
Clerk of the Course Clive Molyneux clivem@2300club.org 01254 240348 (Home)
Deputy C. of C. Allan Whittaker allanw@2300club.org 0161 724 5176 (Work)
Rally Secretary Pete Kenyon peterk@2300club.org 01282 605080 (Home)
Asst Rally Secretary Stuart Pye stuartp@2300club.org 01254 248903 (Home)
Chief Marshal Simon Bibby simonb@2300club.org 01254 207353 (Home)
Assistant Chief Marshal Mark Wilkinson markw@2300club.org 0161 432 3490 (Home)
Safety Officer Ron Cowan ronc@2300club.org 0141 620 1000 (Home)
Treasurer Linzi Lancashire linzil@2300club.org
Competitor Liason Andy Mort andym@2300club.org 07740 029315 (Mobile)
Incident Manager Ian Grindrod iang@2300club.org 01254 246196 (Home)
Rally Consultant Rod Parkin rodp@2300club.org 0113 226 2422 (Home)
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jack McKellar
Chief Scrutineer Roger Whittaker rogerw@2300club.org 01539 562149 (Home)
Noise test Co-Ordinator Walter Bateson walterb@2300club.org 01282 612613 (Home)
Printing Manager Cliff Simmons cliffs@2300club.org 01254 240455 (Home)
M.S.A. Timekeeper Ian Smith ians@2300club.org 01200 446381 (Home)
Results Chief Graham Marshall grahamm@2300club.org 01773 599522 (Home)
Accountant John Nixon johnn@2300club.org 01200 445425 (Home)
Business Manager Allan Whittaker allanw@2300club.org 0161 724 5176 (Work)
Equipment Manager Tony Driver tonyd@2300club.org 01254 831753 (Home)
Asst. Equipment Manager John Sharples johns@2300club.org
Technical Consultant Trevor Wintle trevorw@2300club.org 01254 230720 (Home)
Programme Editor &
Sponsorship Liason
Dave Bateson davidb@2300club.org 07968 349779 (Mobile)
John Eason Award Manager
& Rally HQ Manager
Allan Durham alland@2300club.org 07771 587047 (Mobile)
Press Officer John Fife johnf@2300club.org 01698 833949 (Home)
Official Photographer Angela Luke (AML) angie@2300club.org 07974 191145 (Mobile)
Course Car Neil Calvert neilc@2300club.org 01282 435963 (Home)
Webmaster Mark Goossens markg@2300club.org 01772 780223 (Home)
Trophies Co-ordinators Pat Bateson & Kath Grindrod patb@2300club.org 01282 612613 (Home)

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