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Jack Neal – Club Scrutineer

On the 19th June this year motor sport and the Tour of Mull lost a great friend, Jack Neal, Deputy Chief and Club Scrutineer for over 20 years. Competitors will remember him for his ready good humour, his helpfulness, easy of address and thoroughness to do a good job.


Jack is pictured here (centre), with fellow scruitineers, at the 2006 Tunnock's Tour of Mull

Always able to give good advice and help when things went wrong, a popular member of the scrutineering team. His colleagues saw the same high principled, experienced, knowledgeable man, with standards that only the most senior of scrutineers can attain. Jack's opinions were always sought after in times of need and his advice rarely challenged.

Jack's scrutineering career started in the 70's and covered all the disciplines of motor sport, stock car, racing, hill climb, sprints, but his first love was rallying, and was of the most happiest of men when invited to join this team for the Tour of Mull, his favourite event.

Jack leaves his wife Trish and four children, and has asked his ashes to be spread here on Mull, a duty I am proud to perform.

This years event will be a little emptier without him, but Jack I feel sure will be watching us, to ensure his very high standards are maintained, we will miss him so.

God bless.
Roger  H. Whittaker (Chief Scrutineer) 

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