Originators of UK closed road motorsport

1999 – Murmur Chapter 6


– published on the island, during the event by Jaggy Bunnet

Leaderboard after 11 of 22 Special Stages:


Chris Griffiths/Aled Davies

Subaru Impreza



Dougi Hall/Gareth Williams

Ford Escort



James MacGillivray/Brian Kennedy




John Price/Caroline Broad

MG Metro 6R4



Callum Guy/Fred Bell

Vauxhall Astra



John Cressey/Ian Grindrod

Vauxhall Astra



Daniel Harper/Les Reger

Vauxhall Astra



William Bonniwell/Ali Campbell

Ford Escort



Rob Barry/Alan Whittaker




Martin Healer/Chalkie White

Escort Cos


Callum Duffy’s accident last night was caused by a TCA breaking which launched the Escort into the Armco at Gribun. The front corner was written off but the suspension and brakes have been replaced overnight and a new door fitted so that he can come out for a ‘hooley’ on the Philips Trophy Rally, "It’s handling like a piece of s**t" he says. Lyndon Barton’s problem was electrical, it cut-out 5 times on Gribun last night and Howard Moore’s Honda clouted a rock and buckled a wheel.

Steve Davies’ Escort is smoking quite badly this morning … Andrew Ritchie was breaking alternator brackets in the Escort last night … Frosty Smart did two stages with flashers only last night when the main lights failed … Keith Turner broke a TCA … Paul Darlington getting used to column change on Saab after 2 seasons with Nissan Micra, has already tried to change gear with the wiper switch … Geoff Gallagher had a slight off last night but got away with it … Jim Brindle bent the steering on the Mini last night but fixed during the night shift at Dervaig Motors … Gareth Frank, off the road but didn’t hit anything, new car, new co-dvr and new Notes … Giles Brooksbank lost his Notes half way through Gribun last night – the reason? His co-dvr was sick over them … John Mason did the last 3 stages last night with no brakes, but fixed now … Martin Fox is losing oil from his shock absorbers … No problems for William Langford "just need to get the finger out!" … Geoff Wright, he can hear his co-dvr but she can’t hear him – it was the other way round last night … Gordon McIntyre did 2 stages with the throttle jammed open last night "thank god the brakes were working" … Alan Gunn skelped a barrier last night … Iain Campbell is 50 secs quicker on each stage than last year but 20 places further down the leaderboard this year … Ian Perrott has a slipping clutch and no spare … Alasdair Ingram fixed his clutch on the first loop last night but it went again on the 2nd … Gordon MacFadyen lost his lights last night and had to hang out the window with his Philips torch to see where he was going – wonderful people these rally sponsors, eh? … Magic McCombie in the Saab has no clutch, the fluid keeps overheating and boiling – it’s about the only thing that gets warm in that car!

That's yer lot meantime,

Yer auld pal, Jaggy Bunnet
Island Bakery, Tobermory, Saturday, 1:45 pm.

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