Sad News: 2020 Andy Mort Tour Will Not Run

Sadly, the 2300 Club has today decided that the 2020 Andy Mort Tour will not run. We were confident that the changes that we had made for 2020 would allow the safe running of the event. The new restrictions that become law on Monday, regarding larger gaterings, mean that we now see continuing with our plans as being irresponsible. We apologise to all our many friends who were looking forward to the October 17th. We hope to see you in 2021 when the work that we have done in 2020 will bear fruit.
2300 Club, 9th September 2020.

4 thoughts on “Sad News: 2020 Andy Mort Tour Will Not Run

  1. Sorry to hear that it will not run this year as we were looking forward to the event. We will hopefully be there 2021.

  2. Oh no, what a shame, looking like there’s no form of motorsport for the clubmen. Funny how anything that makes a revenue like F1 and football is ok, even going to the pub or restaurant, but not for us mere motoring enthusiasts. look forward to 2021.
    Best wishes.

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