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Stage Safety Co-ordinator & Bingo Ticket Management System

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In a further effort to improve the level of safety on this years event a new position of Stage Safety Co-ordinator has been created. The Stage Safety Co-ordinator will assume overall responsibility to ensure all competitors are accounted for whilst in their particular stage. The Stage Safety Co-ordinator will take responsibility for, and operate the ‘Bingo Ticket system’. This system records numbers of cars into and out of a stage.

It must be emphasised that the primary control measure of this system is the number of cars that have entered and left a Stage, and not the competition numbers of cars. In all cases this should be referred to as the ‘Stage Start Order’

The actual competition number is recorded on the Bingo Ticket. This will only be used as an identification tool should a car go missing on a stage. In all cases this should be referred to as the ‘previous car number’ when making enquiries about a competitor.

The responsibility of this role cannot be over emphasised. It is key to the operational safety of all stages. The 2300 Club greatly appreciate your help in running this system and thank you for doing so.

Operating Procedure
  1. Each Stage will be supplied with Pre printed numbered (In Stage Start Order) Bingo Tickets. To help in identification the Stage Start Sequence number will be prefixed with the letter S eg. S1, S2 etc. These will be issued to every vehicle entering the stage after Road Closure time.
    Road Closing Car, Stage Set Up Car, Chief Marshal, Safety Officer, Clerk of The Course, Course Car, followed by competing cars.
  2. Under normal circumstances the Check Sheet Controller at the Stage start will be the person responsible for issuing the tickets.
    This person will:
      – Mark on the Bingo Ticket with the previous car number
      – Issue in Stage Start order to vehicles entering the stage.
  3. At the Stop Line a designated person will collect the Bingo Ticket from the Co-Driver and hand it to the Stage Safety Co-ordinator.
  4. The Stage Safety Co-ordinator will record as tickets are handed to them the Stage Start Order number on the Stage Safety Control sheet. This sheet is a simple grid of numbers from S1 through to S180.
    The sheet is updated by striking a diagonal line through the corresponding box on the sheet that matches the ticket.
    It is important that should two or more cars arrive on the Stop line at the same time, the tickets are given to the Stage Control Co-ordinator in the order the cars arrived at the Stop line. It is also equally important the Stage Control sheet is marked up in this order.
  5. The Stage Safety Control sheet is the driving document for potential problems with cars out of sequence within a Stage.
    It shows clearly the car sequence number that is missing by the simple fact that the box will not be marked off.
    Invariably the missing box will be completed within a couple of minutes as the cars arrive slightly out of sequence.
    However if this is not the case and a car is out of sequence after a maximum of 4 minutes the following procedure should be put into operation:
  • Establish the Competition Number of the missing car. This can be done by looking at the Bingo Ticket that follows the empty box on the Stage Safety Control sheet. This ticket will have the previous car or missing car number on.
  • Immediately ask the Stage Finish Crew to start asking cars as they arrive at the Stop Line if they have seen Car ‘X’ (X = the competition number of the missing car)
  • Through the Radio network make contact with the Stage Commander and advise him that Car ‘X’ is out of sequence and is now ‘Y’ minutes late.
  • Continue to keep the Stage Commander informed of the situation and the information being obtained from cars as they arrive at the Stop Line.
  • The Stage Commander and or Rally Control will make any decisions regarding Stage stoppages.

Once again we thank you for your help in running this system. Please take the time to read this document in its entirety before you go to the Island. For this system to operate effectively it is essential that the people who are running it understand fully the principles behind it.
If there is any part of this you find unclear then please do not hesitate to contact me (clivem@2300club.org, 01254-240348, 07966-146791) and I’ll endeavour to explain.

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