Originators of UK closed road motorsport

A wealth of motorsport experience on the Andy Mort Tour

There is a wealth of motorsport experience out on the Andy Mort Tour this Saturday.
Although it’s a non-competitive event, the rally-style format always attracts drivers and navigators, together with marshals too.
Historic F1 racer and 2300 Club member Paul Tattersall will be going at more sedate pace in his Jeep, and has convinced chairman Neil Molyneux to sit alongside and read the maps – so no pressure there for either of them!
Jon Aston shouldn’t have any problems with the tulip road book, when you’ve contested the Dakar Rally, everything else is easy. Jon will be guiding Dave Brodie as he threads his Mitsubishi L200 Plus through the lanes.
Angela Briggs is a usually seen wearing a marshals tabard at race meetings and rallies all over the UK, as well as being a member of the elite communications team at the Canadian Grand Prix. On Saturday she will be behind the wheel of her 998cc BL Mini, with husband Ian navigating.
AMT regular Mark Smith is an expert rally radio operator and his map man is Justin Moran, who is part of the senior leadership team on the North West Stages. They are the penultimate starters in Mark’s Toyota RAV4.
“Add in some of the best-known motorsport names from across the years, such as Mal Graham, Nigel Worswick, Clive Molyneux, Lee Sharples, Ian Daws, Geoff Bateman, Damian Whittle and John Hartley an Speedy Harrison just to name a few. You can see why the Andy Mort Tour is so attractive as a social event as well as a driving event,” said Tour secretary Stuart Pye.
“There are so many like-minded people, that even if this is your first Tour, you will find everyone is very friendly and genuinely delighted to help.”

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