Originators of UK closed road motorsport

‘Take one, and pass it on’

There will be a slice of Hollywood on this year’s AMT. 

In the form of kodak vision 3 motion picture film cut and re-spooled for stills photography which will be loaded into our ‘Take one and pass it on’  camera. 

This 250d colour film has been used to create many blockbuster feature films such as Oppenheimer from this summer, Spectre, Casino Royale and Star Wars just to name a few.

This will give a different look to the previous years black and white films.

Just the same as previous years we will be relaying this little camera the entire AMT route.

It will start with a Marshal at the start and then be handed to an early running cer who will then hand it to the next Marshal on the route. But not before taking a photo of people, cars  or landscapes. The Marshal will do the same, then hand it to the next car. So on and so forth.

It is very simple to use, just press the red power button ‘point and shoot’ there is a zoom function. As simple as that.

Let’s see if we can relay this little camera from the start to the finish and we will get to see this event from the view of its participants in a cinematic way.


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