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Callum Duffy’s Tribute to Andy Mort

Read by Callum at the memorial parade held on the Sunday afternoon after the 2015 Mull Rally

We are gathered here in simple disbelief,
united we stand to share this grief,
taken from this world in the blink of an eye,
doing what he loved but no time to say good bye.
A gentle giant, fun loving and kind
these traits in a man are hard to find,
he loved this island and now calls it home,
he loved rallying and he would never moan,
a fierce competitor but would always help you out
and it would be fair to say he liked the odd stout!
Our sport is full of risks and we all know them,
this is where the adrenaline begins to stem
every competitor here and away is heart broken
for the loss of one of their own men
none of us expect to be touched by this thing, Mull
but when it comes close, its reality it does bring.
So many people give up so much to create a rally
us competitors have massive thanks to you all personally
our community is strong and together in times of scrutiny
and as one, we celebrate, we commiserate, we have unity
as one we are here to show our support
for Andy’s family and Sarah, you’re not alone at this port!
We are here to say thank you for this event
we wish John MacCrone a speedy recovery
but mostly we are here to say good bye,
Take care big fella, the angels have you now .. Good Bye.
:: Calum Duffy, 11th October 2015 ::

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