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Calum’s 1998 Prize Winners Poem

Calum & Hugh Duffy won the 1998 Philips Tour of Mull in their MkII Escort and when presented with the trophy at the prizegiving on Sunday evening, this is the Poem Calum delivered on the stage.

A historic day has come upon us;
Someone has won in a twenty-year-old bus.
A bit battered & rough, black & white,
but I think you’ll agree, it drifts just right.
Commiserations to Neil,
I know how he feels,
But it paid to keep snapping at his heels.

A beautiful car, his times were impressive,
If you ask me, I think they were excessive.
When Saturday night came, so did the rain,
A spark of belief entered my mind again,
And then unfortunately Neil had to retire,
And from then on the saying goes,"God loves a trier".
I’m sure you’ll agree, between me & you,
There’s no better sound, than a flat out Mk II.

Calum Duffy, October 1998

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