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2300 Club Announces New Website

After 7 years of using the same format for our website, we have now decided to spruce things up a bit. If you are reading this, you are looking at the new site. We have added a number of new features which will hopefully make the whole experience more useful and interesting.

The main changes we have made are as follows:

  1. New look & feel – obviously
  2. Login’s for users – this allows people to register with the website as a type of user and then we will be able to provide information to you in the most helpful format, which means you shouldn’t have to go hunting around for stuff quite so much
  3. A Search Engine – so if you do have to go hunting it’s a bit easier! We have been meaning to do this for ages, just haven’t got round to it before
  4. An interactive noticeboard, that will allow registered users to place their own adverts & notices, rather than rely on us to do it.
  5. A new gallery format, with slide show viewers and the ability for people to upload their own pictures to it.

In time we hope to add a section to allow people to buy Tour of Mull merchandise  on-line and also allow competitors to complete their entry forms on-line – which will make life easier for us too.

 If you have any comments or feedback please let us know. webmaster@2300club.org.

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