Originators of UK closed road motorsport

2000 – Murmur Chapter 6

Provisional Leaderboard after 13 (of 18) Special Stages:

1   Callum Duffy/Hugh Duffy (Mitsubishi Lancer)   1hr 41mins 30secs
2   Neil MacKinnon/Mike Stayte (Subaru Impreza)   1hr 41mins 34s
3   Andy Knight/Graeme Noble (Ford Escort RS2000)   1hr 45m 27s
4   Daniel Harper/Daniel Barritt (Vauxhall Astra)   1hr 46m 50s
5   John Cressey/Ian Grindrod (Vauxhall Astra)   1hr 47m 46s
6   Mark Jasper/Alan Snell (Ford Escort Cos)   1hr 48m 02s
7   Eddie O'Donnell/Billy McClymont (Ford Escort)   1hr 49m 06s
8   Stuart McQueen/Alistair Green (Mitsubishi Lancer)   1hr 49m 58s
9   John Swinscoe/Paula Swinscoe (Ford Escort)   1hr 50m 22s
10   George MacDonald/Stewart Davidson (Nissan Sunny)   1hr 50m 22s
11   Paul KIrtley/Jon Geldart (Subaru Impreza)   1hr 50m 29s
12   Lyndon Barton/Johnny Vance (MG Metro 6R4)   1hr 50m 46s

OK, so we got it wrong on the previous bulletin, but we never claimed bulletin writing was an exact science. Neil MacKinnon was actually leading the 31st Philips Tour of Mull Rally after Stage 8 by only 3 seconds from Callum Duffy, but guess who's in front now after Stage 13? The 1998 Tour winner Callum Duffy hit the front over the last loop to hold a slight advantage before night falls once again. MacKinnon's Subaru suffered frontal damage at Torloisk when he skelped a wall and Duffy is struggling with a badly understeering Mitsubishi … Dougi Hall is definitely out following his roll in Mishnish Lochs …and Martin Healer also appears to have gone missing from his top ten position … Stage 13 was delayed due to an accident to top ten runners Steve Smith and Alistair Douglas. Rescue services were called after the Subaru vaulted a wall and landed on the beach … Daniel Harper is going well, but working hard like everyone out there, the rain on the final test was so bad, wipers couldn't cope and drivers couldn't see … Eddie O'Donnell aquaplaned off the road in Gribun and punctured both n/s wheels and bent the rear axle but is still going … Paul Kirtley had the wrong tyres, not half he didn't – slicks on the front! In this weather? … George MacDonald has moved into the top ten even with a half spin in Gribun … Mark Jasper has lost his power steering … Andy Knight wants a surfboard instead of a car … Guess what? The weather folk got it wrong again, they said expect showers. Wrong emphasis,they should have said expect dry spells … PLEA from the heart, John Woodward (34) needs an RS2000-to-Atlas prop-shaft to start to-night's Trophy Rally, can anyone help, call 07879 626666 … And now a word of explanation (no it's not an excuse), in order to bring you these bulletins, myself and 'Bulletin Bill' have to run ahead of the cars and try and get times from co-drivers. That's why we are ahead of the Official Results service at times and that's why the results shown in these bulletins is always clearly labelled provisional, but what the hell if we were perfect you wouldn't love us so much.

That's yer lot meantime, more on the road later. Yer auld pal, Jaggy Bunnet, Craignure, tea time Saturday.

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