Originators of UK closed road motorsport

2002 – Murmur Chapter 6


– published on the island, during the event by Jaggy Bunnet

Provisional leaderboard after SS10 (of 20)

1  Harper/Campbell (Mitsubishi Lancer) 1 Hr 06 mins 50 secs
2  MacKinnon/Stayte (Subaru Impreza WRC) 1h 07m 22s
3  Duffy/Duffy (Ford Escort MkII)  1h 09m 01s
4  Cope/Cope (Ford Escort Cosworth)  1h 10m 02s
5  Bird/Pulleyn (Ford Sierra Cosworth)  1h 11m 25s
6  Swinscoe/Whittaker (Ford Escort MkII)  1h 11m 27s
7  Colman/Colman (Nissan Sunny)  1h 11m 30s
8  Kirtley/Geldart  (Subaru Impreza WRC) 1h 11m 48s
9  Durham/Mort  (Opel Corsa Kit)  1h 12m 05s
10 Baird/Quirk  (Mitsubishi Lancer) 1h 12m 17s

Guess what? It’s raining, or should that be, still raining, on this 33rd Philips Tour of Mull Rally, Daniel Harper still leads but by a reduced margin: “I had a BIG moment in Calgary Bay area with the water, that’s tended to slow me down a bit!” MacKinnon is now making inroads on the leader’s times but he’s still not 100% attuned to the WRC Impreza, but he’s getting quicker! Callum Duffy is finding the lower gearing from the new axle giving him better grip but more water means less grip, some days you just can’t win! How much water? Tony Cope reckons: “Tractor tyres would be better in there!” Tony Bardy appears to be out, the Nissan creeping out of Mishnish, Willie Bonniwell had a second puncture this afternoon, Doug Weir appears to be out of 11th place in the 1600 Nova and Billy Bird has retired the Sierra in Mishnish. Much midnight oil was burned overnight with the Craig Dykes Team working on Callum Duffy’s MkII. All the rosejoints were breaking up on the rear axle last night which caused the noise and then the thrust bearing in the clutch failed at Salen. A new axle has been fitted with 4.6 diff and the rear end has been raised to try and improve traction and a new clutch fitted. Just as busy were Gerard McNab’s team of helpers. The Fiesta’s 130cc engine blew its oil out on the first stage last night and then the engine failed. They got an 1100cc engine from Eddie O’Donnell this morning and are in the process of fitting that in time for the Trophy Rally today – hopefully! The cause of Robin Hamilton’s disappearance on the first stage has been explained. The Metro 6R4 clipped a rock a mile into the first stage puncturing a tyre and snapping a rosejoint and Linda Allan retired the Astra in Gribun last night when a bottom arm broke. Steve Davies survived a ‘near miss’ on Mishnish last night when the Escort cut a banking and rose up on two wheels and he lives in Dervaig too! Steven Cleary had to do one stage last night with one headlamp when all the lights failed and Dave Hopwood punctured a front tyre on SS1 last night. By the way, Dave’s MkII is worth a look – he’s got a ‘Launch Control’ system fitted to it. A blue button on the steering wheel activates the rev limiter which controls wheelspin at stage starts. Rumours that Carlos Sainz was on the phone are a bit premature! And finally, a word of thanks to all who contributed so generously to the Sponsored Swim appeal at Signing-on. The sum of £373 was raised for 9 year old Ryan Padgett who suffers from muscular Dystrophy.

Yer auld pal, Jaggy Bunnet, Salen Hotel, Saturday, 1:50 pm.

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