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2005 – Murmur Chapter 1

Wellhullawrerrchinasanhowzyertastebudstingling? It’s a new year and a new era, and we bid a warm welcome to the masters of culinary tastiness, Messrs Cumnock’s of Uddingston, manufacturers of Scotland’s ‘other national food’. So warm greetings to one and 2300 Car Club’s new sponsors to the 36th Tunnock’s Tour of Mull.

As ever, the 36th Tour ‘officially’ got underway last night in the Aros Hall when that helluva nice big chap John Fife hosted the Tunnock’s Forum. There were a few bruised hairdos after the usual ‘fling tee-shirt’ competition with additional prizes courtesy of Nissan UK, Yokohama Tyres, AP Racing and Browns of Tobermory. Guests included last year’s winner Calum Duffy, co – driver Stan Quirk and former international rally driver, Andrew Wood who looks after Dunlop Tyres this side of the border. By heck we had a good crack last night and put the world to rights!

Let’s start with a bit of housekeeping. Keep up to date with rally progress via these Bulletins which will be d istributed around the island during the rally, so look out for ‘Bulletin Bill’n’Bob’ in the Subaru Legacy. Otherwise keep up to date on the 2300 Car Club website (www.2300club.org) with results and Bulletins. Also, tune in to Oban FM on 103.3 for the latest rally news from Big Ade.

You can also buy a full colour and fully informative programme in the Masonic Hall at the southern end of Tobermory High Street where you can also tart yourself up with the latest Tunnock ’s Tour of Mull rally gear. And now to the serious business, scrutineering. The tyre kickers and wheel shooglers are having a rare old time in Tobermory Distillery breathing in the ‘fresh’ air as they go about their business. One of the first through was top seed Calum Duffy in his minted MkII. And did you see the wheels on the back? A full 10 inches wide – it would stick to a ceiling upside down! Up at the other end is a BDG so listen out for magic sounds to-night, but the big question on everyone’s lips? Can he score a hat-trick of wins this year? Oh, and by the way, congratulations to brother Del, he got engaged yesterday to Michelle MacLean yesterday, but don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!
Out to stop him is 10 times winner Neil MacKinnon in an S8 Impre za, the one with the paddle shift and all the toys. Trouble is Neil will have to learn to drive it first, he’s only had one shottie in Ireland last week. According to Mike Stayte: “It’s funny watching the gearstick moving around on its own because Neil is using the paddles!” He won’t be doing that to-night he’ll be watching his Notes.

Tony Bardy was looking rusty although the Nissan GTI -R was looking wonderfully fresh. He hasn’t been out since February while fellow Nissan front runner Ian Colman also claims to be rusty since he hasn’t driven the car since the Jack Frost Stages last January. Apparently he’s been out in India for 7 months helping build a new steel plant. The MININ twins looked wonderful, the cars, not the drivers, Daniel Harper and John Cres sey still putting the finishing touches to them yesterday, but according to Cressey, finished just in time to squeeze in a couple of pints last night. Apparently it took 6 weeks to build these two wee beezers.

Doug Weir’s Escort was looking smart as were the crew with their garish, sorry, very pretty blue and white rugby tops. This is Doug’s 2nd run out on Mull with the Escort after handing over the 1600 Nova to step -son Stevie Brown (94) who is this year’s John Easson Scholarship winner which has helped t he 18 year old to get his car over to Mull. Having sold his Impreza WRC, Stuart McQueen appeared with the ex Wayne Sissons GrpN Mitsubishi and it’s great to see Denis Biggerstaff back, The Irish champion was over last year for a first look and the Subaru was pretty new to him then, so having learned how to drive the thing this year, he’s back for more.

That’s yer lot for now,Yer aul pal, Jaggy Bunnet,
Tobermory Distillery, 10.30 am, Friday

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