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The FAB Award

Once again The 2300Club will be presenting The FAB Award in October’s Andy Mort Tour.
This prestigious award is a key part of the 2300 Club’s Event. The winner will also receive a prize kindly donated by L E Detailing and Feed the Beast. This is secretly judged throughout the day and is awarded for the best presented car on the day. There is always a high standard of presentation and due to this, sometimes a professionally presented car may be overlooked in favour of a car which is cared for by its adoring owner. The judge’s enjoy seeing photos and learning all about the history of the cars. In the past it has been very difficult to pick a winner, such is the high standard.

The FAB Award is presented in memory of long standing club member and friend to us all
Fred Arthur Blundell. Fred’s role on his beloved Tour of Mull was not only Chief Marshal but also Results Chief which he did together for many years. This guaranteed him no sleep for the entire weekend. His general manner was unaffected and his ability to party when the work was done was legendary. In 1979 Fred introduced computerised results to rallying by linking the Aros Hall in Tobermory to the Philips mainframe computer in Croydon via telephone with two rubber cups on it, as PCs hadn’t yet been invented. This was a great success and was superseded in later years by an Apple computer running a BASIC program that Fred wrote himself. Fred later became the clubs treasurer and in his 80s a valued member of the equipment team.

Criteria for this award is as follows:
Your car must be entered and start the Andy Mort Tour.
All cars on the entry list will be judged throughout the day in secret. So its a good idea to display any history or stories, build photos when in the carparks.

The judges enjoy talking to owners and seeing what goes into presenting some of these cars. Late in the day a short list is made, the winner is then announced at prize giving at the end of the event. If the winner isn’t in attendance the next worthy winner from the short list, who is in attendance will get the prize.

For 2023 we are pleased to announce there will be a supplementary prize very kindly donated by L E Detailing and Feed the Beast.


2019 John Sharples and Catherine Gaskell –  Dax Cobra               
2020 Cancelled due to Covid 19
2021 Stuart and William Ingham – Tartan Red Mini Cooper S  
2022  Keith and Anne Nolan   white MG BGT
2023 Russ Dawson & Ian Shorrock   Lotus Elise

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