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The AMT 2023 FAB Award

AS a touring assembly, there are no prizes for speed on the Andy Mort Tour.
But there is a prize for the best-presented car, the coveted FAB award, which
was launched in 2019 in memory of long-standing 2300 Club member Fred Arthur Blundell.
Judged in secret during the day, the winner will also receive a prize kindly donated by former SD34 road rally champion and well-known stage navigator Terry Martin.
“Picking a winner is not easy. We look for cars that are clearly loved, maybe there is a long family history, or it’s a beautifully built modified car. Totally original cars are also strong contenders,” explained one of the judges, Mr. A.Nonymous.
To determine the winner, the judges make a shortlist after talking to their owners and hearing the history and background to each car. The the winner is announced at the prize-giving ceremony at the finish.
But be warned, if the winner has gone home, the trophy goes to the next person on the list!
So what does it mean to win the FAB award?
This is what last year’s winners, Keith and Anne Nolan, said:
“We were shocked when our names were called out at prize giving.
“It was great to see all the old faces from the past, and the route has been fantastic, but to win the FAB Award just capped off a wonderful day.”

There will also be a supplementary prize very kndly donated by L E Detailing and Feed the Beast

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