Originators of UK closed road motorsport

Spectators & Parking on stages

Year on year the Tour of Mull gains in popularity with spectators, something as organisers we actively encourage, it does however bring with it issues that we are finding difficult to control and need the help of all the people who spectate to help us resolve.

More spectators means more cars and more cars inevitably means more cars parked in stages. The MSA regulations to which we are bound are stringent in what is and is not allowed in terms of cars being parked in stages.
Incidents on recent events have given us no option but to follow a more stringent approach on what will be permitted in terms of spectator parking. It is to this end we ask that cars parked in stages are parked in a place of safety and as far as practical from the stage route.

It is impossible to marshal the entire route and we ask for the co-operation of spectators in helping us to make sure this does not become an issue on this years event. If you see cars being parked in lay-by’s or areas that you consider unsafe then please feel free to politely make your concerns know to the driver.

Please be aware that we will not hesitate to halt or cancel stages that we feel have vehicles parked in positions that jeopardise stage safety.
Stage cancellations affects everyone including those who have parked safely, so please bear these requests in mind when out spectating on this years event.

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